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Can I let tradespeople into my home during lockdown?


Homeowners and renters have many questions right now, one of which is whether it’s ok to allow tradespeople into our homes to make repairs to things like boilers and electrical issues.

The most up to date information released by the Government, from Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick, advises:

“Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms"

“Again, it will be important to ensure that Public Health England guidelines, including maintaining a two-metre distance from any household occupants, are followed to ensure everyone’s safety"

“No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency electrics or repairs, and where the tradesperson is willing to do so. In such cases, Public Health England can provide advice to tradespeople and households"

“No work should be carried out by a tradesperson who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild"

So is it safe to let tradespeople into my home at this time?


What this advice means is that essential maintenance, such as boiler repairs and no electrics, can continue to go ahead as normal providing all parties stick to the Public Health England guidelines.

But all non-essential work, like extensions and new kitchens, should not be carried out.

If you are renting, speak to your landlord or managing agent, as they may have a trusted engineer or company who you can call directly.

If you’re really unsure about what to do, a good idea as a first port of call is to see if a professional can offer their services over the phone.

Depending on the problem you have, you may even find that  an electrician, plumber or gas engineer may be able to help solve your problem remotely – maybe via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

But if a tradesperson does need to visit your home, there are certain things you can do to protect yourself and avoid spreading the virus.


Despite some early confusion, the Cabinet Office confirmed last month that construction workers can continue to go to work during the coronavirus pandemic in accordance with Public Health England safety guidance. Both domestic and commercial electricians are encouraged to follow strict covid-19 guidance compliance in order to stop the spread of coronavirus and to keep themselves and others safe.


They key message is to continue to work if it is safe to do and follow social distancing wherever possible. There are some exceptions to this outlined below and it is clear that social distancing is not always possible in a construction environment.

Below is Guidance for your domestic electricians:

Last month, the Government issued a new guidance document, which makes specific reference to tradespeople working in people’s homes. Section 2 of the guidance notes is summarised below:


  • Work carried out in people’s homes can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms

  • No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating

  • No work should be carried out by a tradesperson who has coronavirus symptoms

  • On entering the home you should wash your hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser if no facilities are available

  • When working in home you should remain 2 metres away from occupants unless your work is essential for their safety

What You should do:

  • Keep your distance from any visitors and avoid physical contact

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin and wash your hands

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces in the home such as door handles, light switches and your kettle

We hope the above helps you in answering some questions you may of had. If they did not please contact us or visit

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