Faulty electrics can be a serious safety hazard in your home, and although regulation protects the safety of newer properties, it isn’t enforceable on older houses.

If your home is older than 25years, or you’re thinking of buying an older home, you may want to consider getting an electrician to survey the building and check that it is up to scratch.
If you are thinking of extending, remodelling or converting spaces of an older property, under building regulations, it’s likely you’ll need to re-wire part or all your home.
You can check if your home need re-wiring by inspecting the wiring itself. Modern wires are coated in PVCu, whereas older ones are coated in rubber or fabric. Really old wires from the 1950’s are coated in lead and any one of these older coatings can lead to a fire risk or electrocution.
We can come to you and survey your property to find out the work required to safety proof our home.