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Fuse Boards

No Job Too Big 
Or Small

We're experienced in undertaking big fuse board projects for our commercial customers, and smaller sized jobs for our residential customers.

Highest Professional

It is of paramount importance to your safety to ensure that your fuse board is maintained and working correctly. You should use an electrician that works to the highest standards when dealing with your fuse boards.

Friendly, Reliable 
& Trustworthy

You'll need electricians you can trust and rely on when it comes to inspecting or replace your fuse boards. We are committed to being reliable and trustworthy with all of our customers.

Need some advice on your
Fuse boards?

Fuse Boards, also called consumer units are the central place in your home where your electricity is controlled using a main switch and fuses/circuit breakers which cut the electricity to certain points in your home if there is an overload or fault, making sure you are safe.

Your safety in the home is of paramount importance, so if you have an old fuse board or have bought a house that hasn’t had the fuse board changed in over 10 years, you should get it checked out by an electrician.

If you’re having an extension, moving or simply want to check you are safe, Eden Electrics are experienced in fuse board upgrades.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help




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